Feminist-a person who supports feminism.

Feminism-the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Can I tell this to every woman I’ve ever met who says that she isn’t a feminist, but supports equality?

Ladies, don’t be afraid to call yourself a feminist. If someone judges you off of that alone, they are a person of poor character.


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we reblog the clothes we think we deserve

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"I was too busy
swimming in the memories
to notice the present upstream
I was too busy
remembering what he said to me
to notice my friends screaming to save me
I was too busy
thinking it’d be the same
and thinking it’d never end
that I forgot my friends
who supported me til the end"

They’re always there, by Jamilex Castillo ( takemeback-)

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Giant driftwood on the beach at La Push, Washington (2010)

this made me feel really uneasy, the ocean is terrifying.

its like when cats bring home a dead bird and drop it at your feet except the ocean is like I HAVE BROUGHT YOU THIS ENORMOUS TREE FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL ENJOY

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  • me: I'm pretty sure I would marry every single Avenger.
  • obnoxious friend: Black Widow is an Avenger.
  • me: Did I fucking stutter?


Sometimes you stop talking to someone because you keep telling yourself that if they wanted to talk to you, they would.

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do you find it weird that you’ve known your parents for your entire life but they’ve only known you for a portion of theirs

This fucked me up

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